Why are reviews and reputation key to positioning?

Online reviews are crucial today for all local companies and businesses that want to control their reputation and increase sales. Online reviews have changed the face of marketing because they are now a primary tool that consumers use to acquire information and offer their thoughts on the product or service received.

According to Brightlocal research, 91% of people read reviews to determine whether a business is good or bad, so they have become the link between word of mouth with friends and viral marketing and have the ability to move mountains of money between one activity and another (always in favor of those with positive judgments).

The importance for the business is truly incredible, starting from improving brand awareness to increasing sales and profits in the medium and long term.

Here are several reasons that make your business reviews and online reputation critical:

Why are reviews and reputation key to positioning?

Increase sales.

The main reason why online reviews are so important is that they definitely influence sales because they give consumers the information they need before making a decision to buy that business’ product or service.

You get customer feedback.

Thanks to reviews, you can understand if you are offering a good product/service and the weak points to work on. Efficiently helping a dissatisfied customer will also create a positive customer experience that will help your business in the future.

Improve online ranking

Reviews not only create a better relationship between the customer and the business, but they also help improve the website’s ranking on Google or the customer’s card on online portals. The more positive your customer reviews are about your business, the more your search engine will consider your business important.

Customer relationships are strengthened

Consumers who spend time writing an online review do so because they are impressed by your work and if their judgment is positive, you are certainly doing a good job of retaining them. In addition, offering consumers the opportunity to provide feedback certainly enhances relationships with your business and this helps improve their judgments.