Plugins for WordPress

The best platform to create websites requires a proper selection of plugins.

The best platform to create websites requires a proper selection of plugins.

Having WordPress nowadays is peace of mind for all of us who work with SEO and web design.

But in many cases, we are faced with outdated backend panels and plugins that worsen performance.

What should we take into account before installing a WordPress plugin?

  1. It must include future updates: it is very common to find nulled plugins that are nothing more than fake, cracked, or pirated WordPress plugins. Be careful! this is not only a great risk for your website because of the possibility of opening doors to the entry of viruses, but it is also a big problem when you need to download updates, an outdated plugin can cause your website to break, lose design or even throw error messages.
  2. How many people have downloaded and rated the plugin? We are in the world of ratings and reviews. Everyone looks at the little stars of the offers on the web before buying. As far as we are concerned, it is KEY to rate, but even more so to check the comments left by users. You can get not-so-pleasant surprises even in plugins with thousands of downloads. So, are we going to download it just because everyone else has done it? the answer is NO, we will download plugins only if we have references. For this I recommend you to join Facebook groups that deal with these topics so that experienced colleagues can recommend which plugin to install.
  3. Avoid installing a large number of plugins: it is a typical mistake to install one plugin after another even without using them just to “test” them. Then we find ourselves with mega-slow sites because each plugin is making ajax and javascript calls that production processes on the server and in the web visitor’s browser. This results in a website that takes many seconds to load and increases the bounce rate (users leaving your website before 20 seconds).
  4. Free plugins vs premium paid plugins: cheap are expensive is an obvious phrase but in this case, it is strikingly not so true, we can find plugins of excellent quality and free, with their updates. It is always good to educate yourself beforehand but yes, it is possible. Also, of course, we will find plugins to buy with specific functionalities or with complex developments that are the most. But I want to say from experience, I only buy 10% of the plugins I use.
  5. Buy a limited-time license or a lifetime license: this is a key issue. Buying lifetime licenses can be a bit expensive at the beginning but in the long run, if you are dedicated to web design or SEO, it is a profit. Amortize the investment in a couple of months by installing the plugin in different WordPress. Of course, you have to check the terms of use because some lifetime licenses can not be placed on several sites at the same time (it is the least of the cases). There are also joint ventures where several colleagues get together to buy a multisite lifetime license and share it. The latter is advisable and there are Facebook groups where these opportunities are discussed. You just have to search and you will find it. 😉

With these tips, you will be a little more able to find plugins and be careful not to get viruses. I don’t recommend you download pirated or nulled WordPress plugins. You can have serious problems.

I wish you a good experience and enjoy the best platform in the world. You can take a look at this WordPress plugin’s site to start with the best ones.