With the emergence of social media, it was thought that using email marketing to do business would become an obsolete practice, but it has not.

Why use email marketing?

Email marketing allows you to send messages that can win new customers or retain existing ones. All of this, of course, is aimed at convincing them to immediately purchase a product or service.

With this solution, you can focus on one-to-one communication and better capture the user’s attention. You can communicate with a person interested in your offer directly at “home”, establishing a relationship of trust.

The email marketing strategies used are more disparate and range from weekly newsletters to complex retargeting activities. In this way, actions can increase your sales and gain more trust from your customers.

Note well that the language to be used should be as familiar as possible: when you write an email that is writing to a person, make them feel at ease.

Doing email marketing means saving

Doing email marketing is advantageous from an economic point of view because it allows you to reach a large number of people with one email.

Of course, there must be a financial investment if you want to get a good result, but you can get good results even if you don’t have a large budget available. Unless you are a large multinational. And even in this case, you would invest in a cost-effective but efficient resource if used in the right way.

In any case, costs are reduced to zero, you are no longer obliged to send letters, start a paid campaign or resort to radio and television. All you need is a well-organized newsletter.

Keep your contacts informed and always respond to their needs.

When a visitor subscribes to a newsletter, it is because he is interested in seeing new products or services, or offers that are about to be published. This is also what email marketing is all about: keeping your readers’ attention high and showing them that you are always on the move.

How? By alerting them in advance on the subject of future publications. With this activity you can profile your target audience and understand the needs of the people who follow you. For example, do people love video tutorials on certain topics? Add them to your email campaigns.

Speed tip

Sending an email to a good number of people takes seconds and the response is usually immediate. Generally, feedback arrives after a few hours or at most a few days.

To ensure a quick response, create a call to action, a call to action, so to speak. In practice, this way you push the user to do something: click on a link that leads to a special offer or downloads a useful resource—for example, an ebook.

The advantages of email marketing

Over time, platforms and launch systems have made sending email advertisements more efficient and automatic. In addition, the opportunity for communication and the possibility of sharing data on social networks has contributed to the increase in conversions: advertising has become closer to users, more and more bearable.

Doing email marketing is beneficial because:

  • It is immediate: emails arrive in a few seconds.
  • It is push, i.e. it pushes the message to the audience: it does not wait for the user to access the website.
  • It is personalized: it creates a direct relationship with the user who receives an ad hoc message.
  • It is easily traceable: opening of emails, subscription to newsletters, and sales.
  • It is verifiable: through the analysis of the results, it is possible to understand what and how it is better to communicate.

How to do email marketing: the importance of content

At the base of an efficient email marketing campaign, there must necessarily be an editorial plan based on the creation of valuable content for the user who must read them.

For clarity, valuable content is not:

  • Discount proposals
  • Promotional offers
  • Presentations of the features of your product or service.

Valuable content is:

  • Free practical advice on how to deal with an activity
  • Answers to problems that your company can solve or has solved
  • Guides to solving common customer problems

Doing email marketing allows you to track your numbers

The importance of email marketing also lies in being a measurable tool. You’re probably thinking, “Can I know how many people have read the emails I sent?” The answer is yes.

You can have an accurate number of open rates. That is the precise amount of people who have seen your promotional message. And you can also know how many clicks you received on the link within the body text.

This information will be very useful for you to understand if you are moving in the right direction or if you need to adjust your shot. By the way, measurability allows you to test and, if necessary, adjust different communication styles. In fact, it’s not a given that speaking impersonally is the ideal solution for your audience.

People love to feel called by their first and last names and seek warmth even through cold pixels. Thanks to statistics you will be able to find the right tone of voice. But that’s not all. Numbers and testing will also help you improve your product offering with a higher ROI.

Start an email marketing strategy even on smartphones.

More and more people are using smartphones to enjoy content and even emails are no different. For this reason, when you decide to do email marketing, you create emails that adapt to mobile devices.

In this case, you must bet everything on an effective object, you must be able to immediately attract the interest of the potential customer. Then, the content must be designed to be useful and easy to read on smartphones and tablets. In short, check that your email is optimized in a responsive way.