Online advertising for professionals in repairs and maintenance.

Do you work in the home and in small and medium-sized businesses? We accompany you in your growth with Digital Marketing to attract customers.

Repairs and maintenance: an area with a lot of potential on the web

The renovation services in homes, buildings, and countries are very broad, ranging from simple repairs to more profound changes that include several professionals and trades.

Undoubtedly the Internet is a fertile medium for those who offer this type of service and need to reach more potential customers, let’s list the benefits of hiring a positioning service for repairs:

  • the website will be designed in such a way that it clearly shows the quality of service with images and videos.
  • the reach to new customers will be enhanced with the use of the Google My Business tool, appearing in Google Maps in top positions with customer ratings that will give support and confidence.
  • you will have fully measurable calls and contacts and statistics of visits with conversions on your website: this will provide greater clarity than other strategies such as publications in neighborhood magazines that already lack potential compared to the internet.
  • you will be able to upload new material to your website and social networks very easily, this will allow you to keep your stakeholders attentive and expectant of your services. 
  • improve communication with the interested customer: with the arrival of WhatsApp the way we communicate has been revolutionized, a positioning and marketing service for spare parts will allow you to integrate WhatsApp into your website and receive direct chats from future customers, as well as calls by this same App.

Our internet advertising proposal

We are experts in increasing the number of customers for professionals who provide services of repairs, laying floors, openings, membranes, paints, and waterproofing.

We make you appear in Google in first positions with your website and your location in the areas where you perform your service.

It is proven that nowadays 90% of the hires start from a mobile search and the results that appear in the first positions are the ones that receive 95% of the calls.

With our service, you will be able to delegate the advertising on the Internet and only answer calls from your customers interested in your service.

Fields that integrate the spare parts that can be positioned on the internet

The spare parts are a wide and quite comprehensive subject. We know that there are many professionals involved in renovating a house, office, or building; that is why we think it is important to describe in more detail who we are offering internet marketing to increase your customers.

Professionals, trades, and services feasible to position with advertising on google

  • Locksmith
  • Painting
  • Roofers
  • Membrane installation
  • Electrical installations
  • Climatization with boilers and air conditioning.
  • Laying of wood floors
  • Porcelain tile and kitchen floors.
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Masons
  • Plumbing

What are the best options to receive calls from potential customers?

Since 2014, Google launched a tool that would change the logic of search marketing: Google my business. This tool is often not known by its name but by its appearance on Google Maps. 

  • A WEBSITE: it is necessary to have a website with interior sections where you can show in detail the service of repairs or maintenance that is provided mentioning its fundamental characteristics: materials, types of repairs, works in housing, videos, and quality images, link to Google Maps location, customer ratings, contact details, and budgets.
  • To perform local positioning work so that you appear when they search for your service in the corresponding areas. We manage to show the file of your business or service, but the most important thing is that it is not necessary to have a local street or public road, you can appear as we do in the first positions for “Local Positioning Caba” and many more variants.
  • LINK STRUCTURE: We create an internal and external link structure to enhance the authority of the sections of your spare parts service. For this, we rely on premium SEO tools and our contacts to get quality reviews in blogs and newspapers.
  • We know that Google takes social traffic into account, so we will not neglect it. Although we consider that for this category it is more relevant to appear in search engines, it will be important to have some presence and receive some monthly visits from Facebook and Instagram to improve local and web SEO.

Look at an example of how we appear first in Google Maps 3-pack results and in the organic search network.

Our recommendation for professionals, contractors, or entrepreneurs who provide services of repairs and those mentioned above, is to take advantage of the potential of local positioning in the area where they provide their service: LOCAL SEO AND GOOGLE ADS for the extension of the location of the ad. At the same time, design a website optimized for SEO and little by little improve your positioning achieving in 3 or 4 months considerable results.

Send us here your data to tell you what is the best strategy and budget according to your intention of attracting new customers.