BACKLINKS: Explanation on the architecture of external links for your site

Link building consists in multiplying the number of links, backlinks, to a website to improve its popularity. The latter is a Google relevance criterion.

A backlink (BL) or an inbound link is a hypertext link placed on an external site that will point to your site. A BL has several dimensions that will have an effect on the power that a link to a site will have. It is composed of an anchor which is the clickable text of the link, the Page Rank (PR), and the juice it conveys. To improve web visibility, backlinks must also be followed and especially contextualized and themed.

Netlinking is a way to improve a website’s ranking on search engine results pages, but it also influences a site’s traffic. It is therefore an essential technique for a website’s SEO. Here is everything you need to know about net linking.

How net linking works

The principle of net linking is to obtain incoming links, the famous backlinks (BL). In fact, the number of links pointing to your site is an indicator of trust for Google. Netlinking can improve the SEO of a website as long as the BL is of quality and has the same theme as the site it points to

Website ranking

Page Rank (PR) is at the heart of Google’s algorithm and is used to measure the popularity of a site. Today, SEO experts speak of the thematic page rank, as the origin of the semantic cocoon, which gives meaning to the links.

The network link, although essential for the SEO of a site, is to use it with caution at the risk of being penalized by Google with a manual action or its algorithmic filter Penguin. It is therefore important to know how to get out of a penalty in case of bad practices of black hat link building.

On-site optimizations

An effective network linking strategy also involves on-site optimization with siloing site architecture and internal meshing (by which PR is also disseminated) between site pages, as well as by creating a semantic cocoon and semantic clusters.

Different net linking strategies

There is not only one way to make network links, but several strategies to acquire backlinks. From “let come” or link baiting to more offensive link-buying strategies.

Netlinking audit

Each of them begins, first, with a network link audit to analyze the link profile and the natural network link of a site.

Old-school net linking strategy

In addition to this analysis of backlinks (inbound links), we will also discuss old-school linking strategies among them, directory links, press releases (CP), and links to forums and blog comments.

Site networks

Netlinking PBN is also a net linking strategy but it is very risky as it is contrary to Google’s guidelines. In fact, the PBN (Private Blog Network) is a network of sites or blogs belonging to the same person. Thanks to a mesh of links, they are all connected to a main site, the money site where the PR is redistributed. These satellite sites should boost the money site to improve its visibility on search engines.


We will also talk about link baiting, as a way to increase Google’s SEO. Link Bait is about creating quality content to be liked and shared by people.

Netlinking SEO tools

There is no good web linking strategy without powerful SEO tools. SEO agencies and SEO consultants use web linking tools for their optimization work. We will present the main tools on the market for an effective backlink strategy.

To begin with, we will study the different link-buying platforms. Then we will see how to use SEO tools to do keyword research with Yooda, Semrush, or Ranxplorer.

Para comenzar, estudiaremos las diferentes plataformas de compra de enlaces. Luego veremos cómo usar las herramientas de SEO para hacer un estudio de palabras clave con Yooda, Semrush o Ranxplorer.

Backlink audit

A backlink audit with Majestic or Ahrefs and a competitive analysis with Seobserver are the basis of any backlink strategy. We reveal the methodology of a backlink audit with these tools.

Semantic optimizations

Content is king. Without links and content, we will see why it is necessary to use semantic web content optimization tools like YourTextGuru.

Purchase of expired domain names

Buying expired domain names through sites like DropCatch, Youdot or Domstocks is also important in a network linking strategy.

SEO Events

To learn all about network linking and natural referrals, nothing better than going to different SEO events. We sponsor some and organize several conferences on the topic of net linking and SEO. That’s why we offer our calendar of SEO events not to be missed, including those organized by the SEO association, the Seocamp.

Netlinking and SEO support

To establish an effective network linking strategy and avoid any penalties, it is sometimes better than Google being accompanied by an SEO agency or an SEO consultant. Present all over the world, SEO agencies can help you improve your Google SEO. Their advice is valuable and the return on investment is significant because you will be visible on the web and reach the first pages of Google.